About Us

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I'm Em! You can also call me Hazel. I'm an artist from northern Vermont, I create and sculpt earrings, pendants, lighter cases, trinket dishes, ornaments, and planters from polymer clay. I love to create pieces as unique as the people who enjoy them.

HBC is a one woman operation - its all me - starting with the design right to the shipping process!

I've always been a creative person, an artist, and a plant lover. Sustainability and conservation have always been important to me. It took me a long time to find the intersection of the two to find the endeavor that fulfilled me most. That's why my pieces are made with the earth in mind. All of my vessels are upcycled, whether its from goodwill, the roadside, or discarded damaged pottery from other local potters, they all get redecorated with polymer clay giving it a second life and out of the landfill. Sustainability is also the reason I donate a portion of every sale to Indigenous organizations that focus on ecology and sustainability.

I try to be regular about updating my website with new original pieces and look forward to sharing more of my work with you! Feel free to visit my Instagram and TikTok (@HazelbudsClayCo) for regular updates, current market schedule, and to see what i'm currently working on!

Xoxo, Em/Hazel